Official Anthem

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Cambridge International University Official Anthem

Where CIU dazzles in designing trends
where east and west unite their best,

For greater good of all Sparkles in brands
it is there that Cambridge International University stands

Where East and West unite their best, for greater good of all
with all our hearts and all our minds we God and man will serve
our glorious past our mission new will build a better world

From the depths of our earth
to planets and stars
we chart our ways

And we strive to make
the waves of science
soar high in a maze

Art and deftness we acquire
to chalk out our goal
the spirit of Humanism beckons
and CIU imbibes it in soul

The mighty Lit flows by us
its power will light up its banks
we shall zoom high to ideals
Technology will assure our ranks

Science is our companion in the struggles of our lives
In the boundless sea of learning deep, a beacon bright of truth
In kindness and in thoughtfulness, nurture the hopes of youth That is what

Cambridge International University signifies

 Our Logo

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Cambridge International University Logo

Globe Logo
The CIU “globe logo”, as it has come to be called, is a graphic interpretation of Cambridge International University. Its strength lies in its bold appearance, simplicity of design and wide range of graphic applications. The logo can be enlarged and reduced without losing visual quality.

Symbolically, the logo unites the academic identity of CIU with its mission as a GLOBAL institution. This is carried out through the logo’s elements of the following:

BOOK: The book has long been a symbol of learning. It reminds us that education is a process of enlightening the mind.

LEAF: A design that has multiple interpretations adds interest. Hence, the Leaf can also be seen as a symbol of everlasting purity. Indicating the greenery knowledge gained by learners.

GLOBE: Global learning is central to the University’s vision. Therefore, the globe, symbolizing borderless world and unlimited opportunity.

Word Identity
The words “Cambridge International University” come together as a unique institutional “word symbol.” Set in the “old style” typeface of Berkely, and the contemporary typeface of Univers, the lettering combines with the logo to create a strong graphic statement. The words “ciu” are prominent, emphasizing the key words of our institutional identity. In addition, the vision “Seek for Wisdom” has been integrated with the design to proclaim our commitment to make a difference in the world through the lives of our graduates, the scholarship of our faculty, and our commitment to community.

Recognizing that space requirements vary, three standard configurations of the logo/lettering have been developed. In certain applications, the globe may be used alone. However, care should be taken not to lose the identification value of the combined elements.

For print use, download TIFF files for black and white or one-color projects, and EPS files for projects using black plus additional colors. For Web or other electronic projects, download GIF files.

Note: Although these configurations are supplied here for on-campus use, institutional policy requires publications intended for distribution off campus be coordinated through the Office of University Communications. If you plan to print a brochure or other piece intended for an off-campus audience, please contact University Communications by email.