Message from President


Since 1990, Cambridge International University has been providing quality and affordable distance learning education courses. Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses are available through our university. Cambridge International University solely determined to cater for all matured candidates around the globe. Cambridge International University has been striving continuously for maintaining the spirit of distance learning in all our courses.Cambridge International University has been striving continuously formaintaining the spirit of distance learning in all our courses. The university and management are willing to work hand in hand with the adult learner community to achieve maximum standard and satisfaction in distance learning academic programs. Cambridge International University is a private non-traditional, registered, state licensed institution. Cambridge International University is considered non-traditional because unlike a traditional university it does not needs residential requirement. It is an institution devoted 100% to distance learning but in certain countries, we do conduct our programs with regular tutorial support through our affiliated centers. However, there is absolutely no residence requirement to earning your degree at Cambridge International University.

Cambridge International University recognizes that many working people have gained the knowledge required towards a university degree through a combination of academic achievement and work /life experience. The knowledge earned through former work experiences, corporate training, public service, and other traditional learning activities are a valuable addition to knowledge gained through traditional classroom settings. But while they have the knowledge, without the authorized academic qualification i.e. a degree, they are denied the better job or promotion they deserve. The Board of Directors/ Governors of Cambridge International University believes this is wrong. And to right this wrong the university developed a system similar to OUS (Open University System) to make sure that these people can get the degrees and recognition they deserve. And they can get it through our GSSP (Guided Self Study Program) via distance learning and by research/ coursework. Cambridge International University is a private, international, distance-learning institution. The university is not funded or controlled by any State or Federal government. This has the advantage of freeing us from any unnecessary interference and restrictions allowing us to maintain our independence and to keep our fees at a reasonable level. The University’s academic staff is highly qualified and experienced in the field of Distance Learning (DL) and Adult Continuing Education (ACE).

They are accustomed to working with executives, managers, and consultants employed in both the private and public sectors. They are all graduates from a variety of universities and as a team provides the Cambridge International University with the expertise to offer all applicants the qualified instruction, appraisal and recognition they are entitled to. The programs of are designed for those leading a busy and successful life that want recognition for achievements and/ or require a study program leading to that essential degree qualification by distance learning/ research. In general, the average person changes jobs about 7 or 8 times and can expect to have 3 different careers in their lifetime. That means that you need to upgrade your academic status to be successful in your lifelong career development process. Born of an American Origin, Cambridge International University was formed to cater academic opportunities for those in true need of it. The university was formally registered in the United States of America as a university company. As mentioned therefore the university is a privately funded tertiary educational institution and it operates without any government grants. The credibility of the university is assured by virtue of the university being an educational member of a number of international and American Organizations.

This strategically places Cambridge International University, USA in a niche of its own as a University of the New Millennium, evolved from traditional brick and mortar to Off-campus and distance learning. Cambridge International University is at the frontier of evolution of distance education both globally and locally. Here is your chance to improve your status and your employment prospects. We all live in a competitive era. The following pages provide an introduction to our university. I hope that you will join us soon. Last but not least, a word of wisdom, opportunity knocks only once and God helps only to those help them. I wish you all the success in all your endeavors. Thanking you in advance. With regards,

Professor Dr. Martin O’Brown D.Litt,(UKD),Ph.D(USA)

Hon.President cum Head, Board of Governors/ Directors