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Melvin Albert College, Connecticut, USA, Contact Person: Dr. Thames Alley, Position: Principal

Dolmen Dennis Learning Institution, Palm Chambers, Denmark, Contact Person: Professor Dennison Clark, Position: CEO

Colorado Resource Center for Advance Learning, Colorado, USA, Contact Person: Madam Timothy Sanders, Position: Director

Sahara College of Technology, Sharja, UAE, Contact Person: Mr. Amir Arafaat, Position: Administrator

Sapura Science Center, Seoul, South Korea, Contact Person: Dr. Albert Mao, Position: CEO

Tokyo-Nakamichi Academy, Tokyo, Japan, Contact Person: Mr. Himo Tachi, Position: Vice President

Madrid Collegiate, Madrid, Spain, Contact Person: Madam Ranny Douglas, Position: CEO

Felix Academy of Business Studies, Central London, United Kingdom, Contact Person: Farah Sydney, Position: Administrator

Bombay Tutorial College, Mumbai, India, Contact Person: Dr. Padma Mukherjee, Position: Vice Principal

Bavaria Academy of Economics, Berlin, Germany, Contact Person: Professor Sandra Desmond, Position: President

PT Pujangga Daimond, Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Contact Person: Dr.Norsarimah, Position: Director

Melbourne Institute of Higher Education, Melbourne, Australia, Contact Person: Mr. Sam Chopra, Position: Director

NZ Academia Inc., Christchurch, New Zealand, Contact Person: Miss Erica F. George, Position: Founder

Kenyan Commercial Studies Center, Hill City, Kenya, Contact Person: Professor Dalton Siemens, Position: Co Director

Martin Dundee Business Corp., Midlands, South Africa, Contact Person: Mr. Sean Jacobs, Position: Director

Shanghai Business Institute, Shanghai, China, Contact Person: Madam Xao Ting, Position: Principal

Irish Institute of Language Studies, Dublin, Ireland, Contact Person: Professor Gregory Thomas, Position: Founder

Kiwi Education Inc., Falls point, Papua New Guinea, Contact Person: Mr. Akio Robertson, Position: Faculty Head

Profile Consultants Resources, Kuantan, Malaysia, Contact Person: Mr. Ravi Prabakaran, Position: Director / CEO

While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, this information is subject to later alteration or amendment in the light of policy changes or other constraints. The University does not intend by publication of this information to create any contractual or other legal relation with applicants, registered students, their advisers or any other person.

Cambridge International University has no relation with any other outside parties.