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acct_class_shotWelcome to Cambridge International University® A university without borders, truly international providing practical – convenient – American style education to working adults in many countries around the globe! Our successful graduates, work for thousands of establishments, businesses, industries, international organizations and the Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and many governments all over the world. Cambridge International University of USA is a premier in distance education. CIU-USA was established in 21st century – just about the time when the internet became widely available even in third world countries. The Cambridge International University of USA was founded with the ambition to create an education establishment, which would contribute to the economic, social and political growth of individual countries through training their citizens to become valuable knowledge assets.The increase in student enrollment with the Cambridge International University of USA from various countries around the globe emphasizes the CIU’s excellent international reputation and acceptance. Our academicians’ wide distance education experience makes Cambridge International University of USA degree programs reliable, proven and successful.


CIU-USA® is committed to providing equal opportunities for study. As an institution of distance learning, Cambridge International University® of USA has been able to gather a faculty of recognized leading experts from throughout the global marketplace. Our faculty consists of university professors, business executives, consultants, and other specialists. Though these instructors vary in subject matter expertise, they share important attributes. All of them are actively practicing what they teach, and they are skilled in imparting their knowledge through distance learning channels and technology. We welcome applications from English speaking people of all nationalities and from any background, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, occupation, marital status, sensory or physical disability, religious or other beliefs.The Cambridge International University®’s primary objective and responsibility is to cater the academic and economic needs of eligible students and to supporting American educational heritage globally. Warning! There are agents and colleges who are unauthorized to represent Cambridge International University® of USA using the CIU-USA© name! Please check the affiliates listed on our website or email us immediately at admin@ciuedu.us for verification of legitimate affiliates. 

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